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A wide range of stylish, innovative and unique lifestyle products created from papyr, a highly durable paper material paper available in in many colors. 


Manufactured from design to finished product by family-owned MAXX Factory GmbH in the charming Upper-Franconia town of Hof in Germany’s State of Bavaria, a company dedicated to pioneering and ecologically sound products from a range of natural and sustainable materials.

*Awarded with the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics “Assured Sustainability” seal 2021.

Products made of papyr are waterproof, wipeable and washable up to 40 degrees, so they don’t lose their shine. They can be ironed at lower temperatures.

The material is hard-wearing and resilient with a load-bearing capacity that one would never expect from paper.

Due to the special surface of papyr, the material has a special appearance of “vegan leather” without animals hides.  

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