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3 MONOCHROMES – Special Edition SET

By Günter Zorn


Born 1953 in Bonn, Germany. Studied and graduated in Cologne with a BA in Media and Imaging Technology (Photo Engineer).
Through his professional career, starting with Polaroid Corporation, he developed a deep sense for the importance and influence of photography in visual communication.
After living in Germany, with stations in the Netherlands and France, he settled down in Japan as his second home in 1991 and is living among the people of Tokyo’s Kagurazaka permanently since 2000.


Selected Exhibitions

•    2016, “wabi sabi” photography at the Staatspark Fürstenlager
             Bensheim, Germany.

•    2016 – 2017, “Kagurazaka” solo exhibitions in Tokyo’s
              Kagurazaka district. 

•    2018 - 2020, “Tokyo Curiosity – Shibuya” in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and
              again in Tokyo. Group exhibition by Tokyo-GA

•    2019, “Tokyo & Berlin - Zwei Metropolen – „Tausend Dörfer”,
             group exhibition at the Japan German Center Berlin, Germany

•    2020, “wabi sabi” at Bunkamura Museum Gallery Tokyo,
             group exhibition

•    2020, “Tokyo Curiosity 2020 – Shibuya”, at Bunkamura Museum,
              Tokyo, Tokyo-GA group exhibition.

•    2021, “Kagurazaka” monochrome prints at MYD Gallery Tokyo
              together with Herbie Yamaguchi, January 22nd – March 27th

•    First photo book “Kagurazaka Mignardises”『神楽坂、その優美』,
             published in 2019. See Leica LFI 6/2019. 


•    Website:

•    Member of Tokyo-GA, a renowned group of 100 international

•    Member of The Photographic Society of Japan (PSJ) 日本写真協会員

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