The Select Shop offers a carefully chosen range of high quality and unique German designer products. What they have in common is their versatility, range of colors, shapes and materials.

●    The principal product line is the shop’s namesake cliccm®, a range of interchangeable accessories, designed by Thomas Giesen, award-winning Meister Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer of Aachen in Germany.


●    Hey-SIGN of Meerbusch/Düsseldorf stands for innovative felt products made of 100% pure merino wool. Timeless design and sustainable production methods characterize the entire collection from the areas of living, working, decorating and lifestyle. 


●    I LIKE PAPER and Paprcuts are two young Berlin based labels that makes colorful accessories out of Tyvek® - a tear-proof and water-resistant paper-like material. The products are handmade.


The Gallery invites promising and established artists and craftspeople to offer their products for a limited time.


●    Events will be announced on the website and other media.